Quick Update: What I’ve Been up to Since 2020


Gosh, can you believe it’s been 2-years since I last made a post? I wish it hadn’t been so long, but I’ve been so busy writing and coaching other writers that I couldn’t find the time to update my website.

Yet, here I am, and this is just a little something to talk about what I’ve been up to these past two years. 

Since quitting my 9 to 5 job, I’ve found regular writing work for two reliable and friendly writing agencies. I’ve also discovered a new passion, helping other writers grow through my writer coaching. 

Honestly, I love coaching so much; and I’ve made so many wonderful connections doing it.

I’ve also started making regular podcast appearances, talking about SEO, writing, and the incredible work from home world in general (my first guest appearance should air soon). Finally, I’ve started my own Star Wars podcast with my good friend Connor — because we’re both just massive nerds.

So yeah — it’s all been pretty full-on, but I’m pretty happy with where I am and haven’t regretted any decisions along the way. 

Well…Maybe I regret not keeping my website up-to-date and being a master procrastinator, but hey ho.

Anyway, moving forward, keep an eye on my podcasts page, where I’ll share:

  • Guest appearances.
  • My own podcasts.
  • Nerdy Star Wars stuff.

And do keep your eyes on my blog page. I want to promise regular content, but I’m not sure how crazy my workload will get right now. But perhaps where I fall short, guest posters can help keep the ball rolling. Get in touch if you’re interested, and we’ll talk.

Hopefully, though, I will be able to post more regularly, offering writing tips, advice, and ways you can grow as a writer. It’s all part of being a writing coach, right? So keep your eyes peeled as more info will be on its way! Thanks!

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