Google’s E-A-T (and How You Can Incorporate It) — Weekly Blog Post #19

I’m a day late on my weekly blog!

Someone call the police, arrest me, lock me up in chains —

Wait, I know it’s not THAT big of a deal. I was busy yesterday, and I needed a break. It’s only natural, right? Yet I’m back with a fresh blog post today to whet your appetite.

Today I want to talk about something I’m noticing in a lot of articles I read. Something I’m sure I’ve done myself — I’m only human, after all — however I’m learning, and I want to help others learn too.

We’re talking about something that excellent writers overlook, and it affects their work, and the traffic that work gets.

We’re talking about E-A-T.

No, no. It’s not a search engine for finding places to eat. Its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) related!

Pull up a chair and let’s explore it some more.

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. Let’s break those down.


Do you know what you’re talking about? Are you credible?

If you head on over to my About Me page, you can see I love writing. In my F&Q question page, you can see I’ve got qualifications IN writing.

I have expertise.

…And that’s all there is to this one.

Yet what do you think would happen if next week, I posted a blog about healthcare? Or lifestyle? Or anything unrelated to writing?

I’d be able to publish the post, sure, but as soon as it ranked with keywords, Google would look at it and say;

“Hang on a minute. This guy doesn’t know the first thing about healthcare. Why are there posts about healthcare?”

Google would manually de-rank it. It doesn’t matter how many keywords or search terms I hit in my writing. I don’t have expertise in the subject, so why should I be at the top of the Google Search results when people search for healthcare advice?


Yet having expertise isn’t all you need to rank. You need authority, too. This is a writing website. It’s in the URL, and writing is all I post about.

Similar to our above example, what do you think would happen if I posted a blog about healthcare next week? Why am I giving healthcare advice on a writing website?

How can I be an authoritative source on the subject?

Again, I might rank with keywords. But again, Google would put their foot down and throw my website into the gutter.

Let’s talk about my external links, too. These are really important to authority. Say I am giving a tutorial on writing, and I reference an excellent outbound source I’ve found. What if that outbound source doesn’t have authority itself?

Did you know my website would suffer for that, too?

How can I have authority, if I am referring people to a website without authority?

Remember: Always, always, always outbound link to credible and relevant sources!

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… And the last part of E-A-T is trustworthiness. This one is important for a website that sells product.

Is my checkout queue on a secure (https) network? Putting an image of a padlock on the screen and writing, “Secure” won’t cut it.

Can a customer read up on all the information about my services i.e. refund policies, terms and conditions of a sale? If a buyer comes through my page, will they be able to trust me?

That being said, still consider trustworthiness if you’re a writing website like this one.

This is when connections are needed, testimonials from other validated sources and endorsements. If a highly popular website, with a great E-A-T score is linking to my website — oh, boy, do Google like that.

So build your connections!

…And of course, trustworthiness is where your actual writing style comes in to play.

Don’t hedge.

Think about it, I’m writing an article on how to write, and I say:

”If you incorporate this writing style, you might get results. It sometimes works. You never know.”

Does that sound like trust-worthy information to you?

Compare it to this:

If you incorporate this writing style, you will get results. In fact, 82% of writers that did got results. Here’s a link to some testimonials to back that up…”

Which one are you more likely to listen to? Which one are you more likely to see rank on Google?

So remember, when you’re writing with SEO in mind, don’t just get your keywords and litter them into your article. E-A-T your work up, too!

For further reading, check out YMYL. It goes hand in hand with Google’s E-A-T and can also make or break your website’s rankings with SEO.

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So What Should You Do Now?

You know all about E-A-T, and you’ve read a little more about YMYL. Let’s get your writing website a high score.

Go over your old content and writings from a bygone time.

Have you incorporated E-A-T on them?

Remember, just because Google de-ranked you, it doesn’t close the door on your page permanently. As long as your website is in the listings, they’ll check it constantly and make relevant adjustments to your E-A-T score.

Check our outbound links: Are they reliable sources? Are you linking to a medical journal with your test results, or are you linking to a Wikipedia page?

Check your content: Is it related to your website or expertise in any way, shape or form?

Write an About Page: Seriously, do it. Get people to know you.

And make sure you’re not hedging!

As Jedi Master Yoda once said,

”Do or do not, there is no try.”

Don’t give the reader uncertainties. Give them absolutes and show your readers your writing website can be trusted.

…And that’s the basics on Google’s E-A-T. There is tons more you can learn about it, so check out the further reading link above, and comment below your own findings!

I am still learning every day and looking for ways to improve my own craft. Let’s band together and learn as one.

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Once again, sorry for being a day late on this post — I’ll see you next time!

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